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Our Studio

Eve Ghersci Architects is a design and architecture firm based in Malta. Through the process of construction, conversion or rehabilitation, our passionate team strives to harmonise aesthetics and functionality, with respect for form, materials and light. 


With a portfolio consisting of both residential and commercial projects, we design and plan with attention to detail, creating spaces and experiences that evoke feeling and inspire with meaning. 


Our process is built on the belief that every client and project is a unique journey: personal and tailor-made. Because of this, we take pride in seeing our projects through till the very end, prioritising communication and maximising available resources toward the common goal – complete satisfaction and improved quality of life, both for our clients and those who experience our vision.



Eve Ghersci

Founding Architect

Noemi Della Pieta’

Senior Architect

Elaine Bonnici

Junior Architect



David Buhagiar